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Hydroquinone-free, creates a beautiful, clean and clear complexion. Makari products are for women who choose the best skincare.  The products of cares assure you a durable and deep rehydration, the attenuation of the wrinkles and dark spots and the renewal of the epidermic cells. Makari Make-up products assure you the silky textures, radiating colors, and application comfort.
Makari Hand and Body Lotion assure you an excessive and silky hydration, an easy penetration, an effective massing, and a soft and smooth skin.
Makari Baby products assure you: the best for your infants, a delicate and sensitive protection as well as a soothing hydration.

Makari' Guarantees: Makari is manufactured in Switzerland, which is known for the most reputable quality products in the world.


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